Pursue the Prospect

Sometimes it is difficult to get out of bed. To face the world. To go outdoors.

We need to learn. To mature. To grow up.

Compartmentalize your brain into a few compartments. 

Your brain should not be one big melting pot. Do not let one compartment effect the other one. 

When you deal with something that is right in front of you, only deal with that one thing.

It should not matter if other areas of your life are in chaos and disorder. Deal with one  compartment without worrying about the other compartment.

We all wear multiple hats. As parents, spouses, employees/employers, salespeople and friends.  

We need to work on ourselves to mature to a level that when wearing one hat, you focus on that one hat. Fully!

If other hats, other areas of your life, are hard and rough. Do not let it affect your other ‘hats’ negatively. 


Stable, slow and steady for emotional stability. 

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