Putting it all together

I had these questions for many years.

If the darkness and light (of life) are mostly equal, why do we always see more negative?

Why are we noticing / observing / moping / ruminating over the negative in our life, when we have so much positive too?

Why is gratitude so difficult for us?
Why do we consciously have to work on ourselves to be positive?

The answer is really simple:

In order to preserve energy, our brain naturally creates certain patterns it follows. If a pattern is stable and solid, our brain is trained not to even look at it anymore.

Our brains got trained to constantly be on the lookout of possible danger, to be overly cautious, and to keep safe.

That is why, our entire being is more prone to notice negativities instead of positives.

We need to actively train our brain to see the good in everything.

With a positive mindset you will notice the good in your life!