Why do we have an irrational fear of rejection? 

We should no longer live in fear of being rejected by other people and be chased out of town or killed in the town square.

Today, this fear is no longer applicable. Yet, we are left with an irrational fear that rejection feels life threatening. 

Yes, rejection might bruise your ego. But it won’t kill you!

Knowing that it is irrational does not free us of the fear. But the awareness helps us move past it.

One of my quotes: “Just because I know of it, doesn’t free me from it.” -Lou Landau

Gather the courage and make your calls.

There is hope as you make that call.


No rejections? Good! Now make the next call.


Slight pushback? Okay. You survived it. Don’t give up yet!

As you continue fighting the fear of rejection, you will get stronger. You will win!

You only have a chance at making that sale, if you actually make that initial phone call.

The phone call might lead to a meeting, and the meeting might lead to a sale!

Keep your head high. You will rock this!