Rejection proof

It’s all a matter of tolerance.

It’s nice and hot outside, and some people are just getting ‘destroyed’ in a heat wave.

As my oft-repeated mantra goes, “We do NOT let the weather affect us negatively!”.

Whether it’s hot or cold outside, if you are uncomfortable, it’s totally an issue of tolerance.

The same applies to many areas.
Whether it’s the weather, the stock market, the customer complained, the person said, etc.
No one can have the power to make you feel negative.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.

Imagine a huge deep ocean with a ship sailing in it. 
No matter how wild the water. No matter how deep the water. No matter the size of the ship.
Even the stormiest ocean cannot sink the boat UNLESS if the water gets inside.

So too, all the negativity in the world should not have the power to sink your boat (your being), unless you let the water (negativity) in.

No one could sink your boat without your consent.

The water won’t get in because you have control over your disruptive emotions.

That, my friend, I wish for you!

Have a great day ahead. Enjoy the sunshine