Relying on outside motivation

The role of the leader is to create other great leaders.
The role of the parent is to create great adults.
The role of the business guru is to create other great business gurus.
The role of the therapist is to help the patient should no longer need therapy!

It’s never good to rely on motivators for long-lasting purposes.

When someone is at the lowest level, then it makes sense to listen to a motivator to help them.

But once the person starts believing in themselves, they can tap into their inner power and knowledge.

As we see, eventually most people ‘outgrow’ the need for motivational teachers. Once a person moves ahead with their education and knowledge, they usually feel that they no longer need that constant motivation and hype.

The same applies for therapists as well. There are many great therapists. But, not all therapists are good for YOU. 
Many times, a person is so hurt that they look at the therapist as the higher power. Unfortunately, some therapists ride on that and it causes great stress for the patient.

Yes, you grew a lot. You made a lot of progress.

But, At one point you need to notice that you are already at the ‘next level’. You need to move on. You outgrew that motivator/therapist already.