Renewing the enthusiasm among LOs

We started a campaign and needed a reward as an incentive to reach the goal.

Here at the Mint it’s “for the loan officers, by the loan officers!” 
We took a survey and our LOs chose the reward.

And, guess what? 


The winning answer: a (massive) business trip to the top professionals in the mortgage field. 

I’m so proud of the Mint team!
The goal is the reward in and of itself, and on top of that, the knowledge and experience gained from the trip will be invaluable!

This is what the Mint Capital is all about: TOP training and support!

Do you know what my title is?


VP of Sales

I’m NOT a manager over some LOs while being busy with my own pipeline.
ALL I do at the Mint Capital is figure out how to support our loan officers better!

We are here to build a company where both new and veteran LOs are fully supported, constantly updated, and continuously helped in every scenario!

Motivational support! Emotional support! Goal support!

Whatever our LOs need, we’re here to provide it.

Our LOs are so passionate about their goals. They keep on thanking us for giving them the opportunity to push themselves to work harder and reach goal after goal.

When we got the answers to the survey (for the reward), we knew that we’re on the right track for providing the right rewards!