Sales vs. support

Parkinson’s Law is the old adage that “work expands to fill the time allotted”. 
Put simply, the amount of work required adjusts to the time available for its completion.

This is relevant to a salesperson, usually in time allotted to do sales versus support.

There is the sales part: prospecting, meeting the customers and making the sale.
Then there is support of the sale, after the sale.

Both are important and need to be done. 

Naturally, most salespeople get sucked into the support part. 
It has less resistance. It is more urgent and demanding. 

However, in sales you need to be self-motivated to go out there and meet prospects.

Some salespeople will naturally be inclined to support their clients. 
It’s more demanding. 
There’s accountability.

They end up side-lining the sales. 

Sales need to be worked on every day. 
With discipline.
With persistence.
With resilience. 

If not done the Sales with discipline, persistence and resilience – your Support role will demand the 100% of your time.

As Parkinson’s Law states: If you give 2 hours to complete a task, it will take 2 hours. However, if you allot 2 weeks to complete it, it will take 2 weeks

You cannot Support, Sales you haven’t made!

How much time do you a lot for Sales every day?