Self discipline

By nature everything rusts! 

The same applies for the brain.

I have to keep oiling and priming my mind. 

It’s so easy to want to skip a day of reading.
To take a pause of my morning routine.
To stop exercising.

We all need self discipline. 

ANT (Automatic Negative Thinking) whisper in the head and tries to change my mind.

I gotta do what I got to do.

Like Ray Dalio says: “Always do the MUST DO’s, before the LIKE TO DO’s” 

What is your self discipline?
Your own personal undertakings.
Your commitments.

Not the things that I’m used to doing since I was a little child. 

But as an adult, as we’re trying to build new #routines and create new #habits.

Remember, when the inner thoughts and #weakness say: just skip today!

You’re tired. Weak. Malnourished. 

Blah. Blah.

Just keep at it!

If you committed to improve in a certain area, let’s say for the next 30 days.

You feel like you want to stop that commitment. 

You cannot change that in the middle of a cycle.

Finish the 30 days!

After that? Decide again if you want to continue.

Before you commit to any changes, consider what you are getting into. Think about it for 24 hours.

Because, once you commit. Just stick to it!