Shoutout to Joel Fleischman

Do you know how we help our LOs combat the “new file anxiety”?

We run the best ‘bootcamp’ in the mortgage industry. We call it the Mint Mortgage Class.

We are continuously upgrading and revamping our training system and making it better and stronger. 

The training includes hours of mortgage knowledge, divided into ‘smaller pieces’ of training.

We really ‘play out’ real mortgage scenarios and have each loan officer go through it step-by-step:

Review the required documentation (W2, 1099, self-employed, etc.)

Completing the 1500 question questionnaire – (almost complete project)


Enter the information in the loan origination software

Have it reviewed by our senior staff

All this is so great to help our LOs really feel and see how a real loan will play out. It builds so much confidence and knowledge.

This training has been months and months in planning. I’m so proud of the superb Mint training process!

Special shoutout to #Joel Fleishman — the person behind the Mint Capital mortgage training and help desk and this great initiative.

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