“The shipping department is doing it to us again!”

… Says the customer service representative about the shipping department from that same company.

US against THEM.

Why do people who are part of a department, within a company, think of themselves as silos. In their own tower, separated from other silos.

We’re all part of one team!

No matter in which department we are, to the customer we need to be ONE organization with ONE voice.

When it is us against them, it ends up looking like this:


The customer service rep: “Oh, you didn’t receive your order, it must be the shipping company”. 
The shipper: “Oh, it’s not my fault. The trucker is to blame.” 
The trucking company: “Oh, it’s not my fault, customs didn’t release the order.”
The vendor:  “Oh, China is screwing us, they’re delaying our order.”

The customer: “Get your act together! I am dealing with you as a company. ONE point of contact.”

All members of a company need to take ownership and be aware that they are a company. Together, they need to do what they can to help the customer.

Even if it’s not your fault (that the shipping was delayed) but it is your problem (deal with it!).

Don’t point fingers at others.

Change should start with YOU!