Slaved laborers

When the Jewish people were slave laborers in Egypt, the Pharaoh came down to the brick factory and worked alongside the laborers.
Of course, they were working enthusiastically and it was a great day of production.
At the end of the day, the Pharaoh counted how many bricks were produced.
“From today on, this is the minimum number of bricks that has to be done every day.”
The same thing happened during WW2.
The Germans came down to the labor camps and did the same trick with the laborers.
Then they set that as the new norm.
I heard from Vishen Lakhiani that he tests his strength by doing the same number of push-ups as his age.
I said to myself: “Okay, that’s what I’m gonna do.” It took time to master it, but every morning I get down and do my push-ups
matching my age.
Many days, I wake up and I’m not in the mood to do it. But then I just do it.
If I can do it once, I can do it every day.
My fellow salesperson:
“If you can do it some times, you can do it all the time.” -Lou Landau
If you’ve done it on good days, you HAVE the skill and the talent to do it.
An hour prospecting, 30 calls a day, speaking to 10 people a day, 50 push-ups, etc etc
Just commit to doing it and the mood will follow.
What strength will you have today in your business?