Speak up

How do you respond?

When a boss / manager / supervisor ends a meeting and asks everyone for their input, do you politely nod (thinking they don’t really want your opinion?), or do you voice your opinion (even if it counters what others have said)?

My friend, speak up. You are being asked the question because people WANT to hear what YOU have to say!

Why are we enslaved to the opinions of others?

Take a look at yourself.
You’re a person. You’re your energy. You’re a collection of memories and circumstances.

Be confident with yourself.

How do you show up in this world?
As a convoluted collection of baggage and your negative self?
Or, do you just show your positive energy and positive vibes?

Which one shows up better?

If you continuously make that conscious choice, you can show up to all your interactions with positive energy.

When you show up in a positive way, you will have the courage to speak up.

Speak up! 

You are a member of a company.
You are in a leadership team.

You are there because people WANT to hear what you have to say.

Be yourself.
Speak your opinion.
Not what you think they want to hear!

You are yourself. You are not a collection of other people!

Therefore, say what you really feel like saying!