Starting conversations

Introverts, this message is for you.

You can totally be successful in ANY career.

Yes, even in sales!

In fact, an introvert has an edge over an extrovert.

They are more focused on their tasks.

Many successful people are introverts (think Musk, Bezos, Gates and Zuckerberg!).

How to handle sales?

Darren Hardy says, “You go first!”

Start the conversation.

The other person is looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

We are all social creatures and enjoy being part of a group.

To feel loved. Like we belong.

Assume that the other person is an introvert just like you.

They’re looking forward you should come say Hi. Then they’ll gladly jump into a conversation.

Keep a list of ‘small talk’ questions:
“What’s up?”
“What do you say about so-and-so?”
“Purchase market is hot, no?”
“Did you know that 40% can refinance and save $500 / month?”

With practice, it becomes easier.

That other person is ALSO looking for a conversation.

They are HAPPY to talk to you!

Call upon your courage.

You have the right to have a conversation.

The worst that can happen is they won’t be in the mood to talk.

So what?

Move on to the next one!

There is no shame in starting a conversation.

You are NOT weak.

You are perfectly normal. 

You are building your courage, and have the right to do that!