Stats for new LOs

Here’s what NEW loan officers joining the Mint Capital can expect:


I know I’ve mentioned it many times already, but I’ll say it again. The Mint Capital has the most rigorous training and support system like no other.
> Education
> Quizzes
> Hands-on test files all this information and training The Mint, takes our LOs from zero to pro within 45 days!


Many of our LOs have closed 10 – 20 loans within the first three months; while others have closed 20 – 30 loans.


On average, our LOs earn $250k annual (after 2 – 3 years in the field). While our top performers earn $400k – $500k annually. 

Of course, everyone is different. There is no surefire way to success.

Success depends on one’s unique capabilities and work ethic. But, we help and train you to be able to perform to the best of your ability.

Mortgages are no child’s play. It’s serious business with rigorous training.

In reality, the mortgage knowledge never ends. Like when baking a cake, once you know how the basic ingredients like flour, water, eggs, salt, sugar work… you can bake many different cakes from the same ingredients.

So too, we give you the ingredients; we teach you all you need to know, and hold your hands while you bake the best cake you possibly can.