Staying focused

What are the yearly numbers you want?
$100,00? $250,000? 500,000?
In coaching, we start there, and break it down.
How many loans do you need to close a year?
How many loans does that come to per month?
How many people do you need to reach out to each day?
It’s tailor made for you!
We are laser-focused on YOUR goal and what it takes to get you there.
WE call it a “small box number.”
Why a small box?
So there is no room for stories.
Only for action!
This one of the many concepts we talk about again and again.
To keep you super-focused, motivated, and positive, to do what you gotta do!
To get you to your own desired goal.
If you do your small box number, you speak to your number of people;
you’ll close the right amount per month, the right amount per year, and
ultimately bring home the numbers you set your eyes on.
G-d willing!