Stereotypes for borrowers

A mortgage broker is a mortgage broker is a mortgage broker.



Not all mortgage brokers are created equal!

For instance, you can apply at any bank and be shlepped around for months. Plus, will need to submit hundred million paperwork (okay, slight exaggeration there), and then shlepped around some more. By the time the closing date is set, you will need new documents since the paperwork is already 60 – 90 days old…

I’m sure any of you who have applied for a mortgage know what it means to chase your own tail while waiting to be approved for a mortgage!

I’m proud to say that at the Mint Capital our specialty is speed and ease. We make it as hassle-free and as fast as possible.

Our motto? All you need to do is sign!

In fact, our entire reward system for our processors is based on speed and how fast they move from one milestone to the next.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out our online reviews and testimonials from clients and lawyers who all say that a Mint loan is way above average!

At the Mint there are no surprises. Get to the closing and know exactly what to expect — (not by being told that you need another $20k at closing! True story.)

So, is a mortgage a mortgage a mortgage? Nope!

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