Stereotypes for loan officers

What’s the difference which broker I go to?

Maybe a smaller mortgage company is better?

Perhaps a banker is the best choice?

Is a loan officer with 20+ years experience the only option?

These are little details in the much bigger picture.

The MOST important question to consider is:

How do they support their loan officers?

At the Mint Capital we broke this stereotype. The founders of our company have already been loan officers and bankers. They know the need for proper support for loan officers.

They built a company with extraordinary support which takes the word “support” to a whole new level!

The entire culture of the Mint Capital is built around supporting and helping each other in a friendly but competitive environment.

Our whole Leadership team constantly plans and strategizes, “What else can we do to help our loan officers?”

Some of the support system we have in place:

Full-time loan structure support by #Joel Fleischman.

Phone line monitored by 15 senior loan officers who volunteer to answer any questions.

Active Whatsapp and email groups for any scenario questions.

Encourage loan officers to ask questions at the “watercooler”.

Plus much more…

All that support takes our loan officers from novice to professional in the span of two months!