Steven Kotler – gathering knowledge

Who here likes to sound dumb?

Say you’re sitting at a table with a bunch of marketers. They’re throwing around terms like ROI, CTA, and ESP.

And you’re feeling lost.

Do you want to smarten up quickly on an unfamiliar industry or topic?

Here’s what @Steven Kotler (author/journalist/entrepreneur) does to educate himself on something new:

He reads 3 books on the topic/industry

With this, he starts to understand more, form an opinion and have the right questions to ask – 

Then he interviews FIVE experts

Why five?

He found that with the first 3, he will get the same information he was expecting

With the fourth and fifth – NOW it gets interesting. Now there is another side of the coin and a whole new perspective to contemplate 

Now you’re REALLY getting the scoop!

Have you ever jumped into something completely new and needed to get educated fast?

What’s your best method for getting up to speed?

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