Stress is a choice Part one – Sunset

When we travel (in the pre-Covid era, of course) we tend to gravitate towards nice scenic areas.

One of the main attractions is watching sunrise or sunset in these faraway destinations.

People pay big money to watch the sunset from a hot air balloon in a far-off location. Or, in a desert in Dubai.

The colors of sunset are spectacular. People travel the globe to find the perfect spot and photograph it. 

Here is a little secret:

We have it every single day! 

It’s the same sun.
The same sunrise.
The same sunset. 

It’s actually for free. Right near our homes.

When you live in a mindset of gratitude, you see the beautiful world from wherever you are.

When you live in recognition of the world around you, you don’t need to spend money to fill yourself with happiness. 

When you live in awe of the beauty around you, you appreciate the world God has given us.