Stress is choice part two

Stress is a choice. 

Do you buy that? Some people have a hard time with the idea. They think it’s the people and events in our lives that stress us out. 

Where is the problem?
Here or there?!

Why do you blame outside sources for your stress?

It’s not your manager.
It’s not your colleagues.
It’s not your customers.
It’s not your boss.
It’s not the bank.
It’s not the traffic.
It’s not the weather.
It’s not the market conditions.

Stress is a choice. You choose if it will affect your life!

When you work on yourself and flip the script, you see that stress is caused by outside triggers. 

What else stresses you, my friends?

Chanuka is the ‘Festival of Lights’. Let’s all start to live in the light. 
Live without darkness.
Live with lightweightness.