“Our biggest fear is not that we’re inadequate, It’s that we’re powerful beyond measure”.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frighten us.

Marianne Williamson hit it on the nail with this famous quote.

You know that punch-in-the-gut feeling, every time you do something wrong?

You badly want to stop it – but you feel you can’t.

It’s a battle.

But there is a reinforcement in that battle.

It is the answer to your biggest questions.

Why am I not a multi-millionaire?
Why don’t I own a lot of houses?
Why don’t I have a huge business?
Why don’t I have a lot of friends?
Why didn’t I complete Shas?

These questions hurt.

You know your capabilities, you know your greatness.

And it scares you.

You need to find justification to calm that demanding force inside of you.

And so the cycle begins:

I am a capable person.

Oh, so why haven’t I accomplished ABC?

No, I am not a great person at all.

I am weak
I am addicted
I can’t help myself
I tried so many times
I still act out
I still gamble
I still drink


I can relax.

As Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) teaches us, “Who is rich? One who is content with their lot.”

I need, I want, I don’t have, I am miserable.

The more attachments you have, the more it owns you.

Let go, and life will flow.