Team selling

My fellow salesperson. If you are a salesperson in a company, they surely give you lots of resources. 


The right resources will help you become successful. Just use it.

Don’t let your ego make you feel special and unique, and falsely make you feel that you don’t need any resources. 

Don’t just think that you will wing it! 

No, my friend. It doesn’t work if YOU don’t work!

Every person has their own blind spots, they don’t see the areas that they need help with.

“The mind has infinite capacity for self deception”.

Realize that you might need help, identify your resources, and use them!

I have seen magic happen when salespeople decide to put their ego on the side.

They are not embarrassed or shy to ask for help from their company.

When it seems like you are sitting on the same file for too long. 
When you feel like you are hitting the wall.
Just discuss it with someone.

The mere act of discussing all the details is sometime enough.

You want to be right? Or you want to make the money by closing the sale?

Don’t be right. Be smart!