Thanksgiving 2021

The story of Michael Singer is fascinating.

I read how Michael went from being a broke-yogi-meditating-teenager to becoming a hundred-million-dollar-worth-CEO of a few-billion-dollar-worth-business.

In his book “Surrender Experiment” he explains how he felt that his mind was driving him crazy.

Always think about people, places, things, ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

So he experimented with Surrender by making a deal with his Higher Power (we call God) that he will take whatever is given to him as if it were a gift from the Universe.

Because it is.

“Whatever the Universe puts in front of me I will do with all my heart and soul as if it’s a gift from the Universe/God because it is.” — Michael Singer in The Surrender Experiment

What an eye-opener!

This is a new presentation of how to interpret the concept of bashert (predestined).

Whatever is in front of me is a gift.
And I am thankful for that.

Whatever happens to me is a gift.
And I am thankful for that.

It’s a mindset to believe that everything that happens is a gift from the Universe from Above from Life from God.

Why complain about a gift? Be thankful for it!

“The quality of your life depends on the answer to one question. Is the Universe a good place?” — Albert Einstein

Einstein meant to say: Is what I have in front of me a gift?

Let’s work on ourselves so that the answer should be, “Yes, it is a good place!”.

I am grateful.