The 3 step turnaround framework

“Oh, I’m already dealing with someone else.”

How would you respond when a prospect says this?

Jeb Blount explains that we need to build “ledges” to help us handle objections when prospecting.

When being hit with rejection, we have an involuntary automatic response, similar to fight-or-flight, to buffer the feeling of rejection.

A “ledge” is like on a rock-climbing wall there are little footholds to help the person lift himself up and go to the next level.

In prospecting, the ledge is a memorized, automatic answer we have ready to shoot back at the prospect as soon as they hit you with any objections.

Some examples of ledges are:

Oh! I know that.
I expected you to say that. 
That’s exactly why I called. 
I’m with you.
I didn’t expect you to be interested today. 
I figured this was the case.
Great! That makes sense. 
I fully understand you.
I agree, totally. 
If I were you I would do the same thing. 

When you have these answers in your arsenal, it would be so much easier to handle rejection without it being emotional to you.

Try it. Let me know how it works!

Good luck, my fellow friend.