The cardinal rule of sales conversation

Hold onto that momentum – your life depends on it…

In the business field, it literally does.

At the conclusion of your business meeting, you must wrap things up with an action plan. 

“Hope is not a strategy” – Dan Kennedy

That’s why it’s so important to have a clear agreement to:

The exact steps being taken.

The exact time you’ll be following up.

Just because you’re scared to pressurize your prospect, it will be a lot scarier to face your manager without the sale.

You need to know that you’re history to your stakeholder, as soon as your meeting’s over.

Your prospect isn’t going to call you. You need to call them.

Important steps to take to keep the sale alive are: 

The date has to be marked in your and your stakeholder’s calendar

At the midpoint, there should be a reminder about the upcoming follow-up meeting.

Any questions stakeholder has should be addressed.

As Darren Hardy calls it, “It’s the big mo.” 

Don’t lose it. Hold onto it with all your might.

Any more tips on how to hold onto that big momentum that you want to share?