The company culture

“What IS he doing?!”

One of our newer loan officers closed an above-average amount of loans in one month.

Many other loan officers were wondering, “What is he doing right?!”

While everyone was happy about his success, they were also wondering how to attain that same success.

So, they called him up and asked him to share some tips.

Now, this is the beauty of The Mint Capital LOs!

When a person knows that “I make the money I need to make and nobody can take away what is destined for me”, they can share their knowledge freely!

That doesn’t mean giving away names of clients, but rather sharing ideas of what works and what doesn’t!

When we hire new loan officers, we look for “good people”!

People that are motivated to succeed, yet are also happy with other’s success, and that motivates them further.

In fact, the abundance mindset is ingrained in our company culture.

We have 12 senior loan officers volunteering to answer any calls or questions (about 200 per month), whenever a fellow LO has questions or is in need of advice.

It’s so gratifying to see how each of our 5 locations has their own subculture, how they collaborate together, making their own marketing ideas and hitting goals together.

This is the outcome of good people doing good things.