The Irony of Commitment

Starbucks wisdom, but so true.

“The irony of commitment is, it is so liberating.”

It reminds me of our first read in my Morning Book Reading podcast; Discipline Equals Freedom, by Jocko Willink.

There are is much progress and liberation in 100% commitment.

Not 99%, but one hundred percent!

When you commit yourself to something daily, whatever it is…

One hour of green time.
Talking to 10 people.
Learning for one hour.
Writing one page.
200 crappy words.
50 push-ups.

You name it!

If you are 100% committed – then mood swings, ambivalence, and time constraints can not hold you hostage.

You are free to do it!

Whenever that committed time rolls around…

5-4-3-2-1, and you jump right in!

There’s so much freedom in that!

“So soon into the action has your mood already changed.” -Lou Landau

That’s the power of commitment!

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