The only way of getting better at it is by doing it, again again and again.

It’s perfectly normal to tell a potential client: “Let me find out; I’ll get back to you”.
You know more than you think you know. But if you don’t, just say: I will get back to you.
As long as you get back to the client on time, you’re good!
Remember, this is a long term game.
You’re not here for a month or a year.
They say: If you’re not embarrassed with the first few products that you shipped, you didn’t ship soon enough.
GaryVee, a big podcaster, says that he is embarrassed with his first 100 podcasts. “But if I wouldn’t have done it, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now”.
You have to start somewhere.
Is your 100th phone call gonna look better than your first one?
Of course, it will.
Even your 10th is better than your first. And your 20th is better than the 10th.
This is a long-term game.
Jump in! What’s the worst that you’re afraid of?
That you will lose a customer because you didn’t know the answer?
You get your answers, you get into the groove of things rather than sitting in the sidelines and waiting with fear.
It’s a long-term game!