The power of full engagement

Do you live my friend?

Whatever you do – is it with full engagement?

“80% of success is just showing up”

Showing up, not just your body, show up with your soul!

Show up to that meeting,
Show up to your family,
Show up to your customer,
Show up to your role,
Show up to nature,
Show up to life,

Show up!

Who controls who?

The mood controls you, or you control the mood?

Feelings follow actions.

Show up with full engagement.

There’s a book from Tony Schwartz – The Power Of Full Engagement

They have a scientific approach to engagement in life.

Having studied thousands of people – what makes people engaged in life.

The mood should not control you, you got to control your mood.

And thereby, controlling your own future.

You choose how you show up.

You show up and you have a meeting with your family, your spouse, your children, your parents, your customer.

It’s not the body that they need there.

It’s your soul,
Your talents,
Your skills,
Your energy,
Your wisdom,
Your smile.

And not just your physical smile.

And most importantly.

Smile to yourself.

“Tell the people, never look at the mirror without smiling” Mike Dooley (of TUT dot com)

Same goes for your own inner self-image, always smile to yourself.

The power of full engagement!