The power of micro-commitments

The deal is sealed…

…. in your head.

Sometimes, you might have the most qualified opportunity or lead in the world, but if the lead is not engaged enough, the deal will most likely not happen.

We are sometimes delusional in thinking that a prospect is fully engaged and almost ready to sign.

How can we know if a lead is engaged enough?

The question is, is the prospect committed? Did they do any micro-commitment towards the sale?

When a prospect invests time/energy/money, they are taking micro-steps towards the bigger sale.

Always be on the lookout to see if your prospect made any small commitments.
It’s like when a public speaker checks in with the audience, “Raise your hand. Are you with me?”, “Is it a yes, or a yes?”.

Engaging with the prospect increases the velocity, the momentum.

How do you engage with your prospects to keep the conversation going?