The Power of One

There’s always two sides of a coin.

Ups and downs.
Pros and cons.
Darkness and light.

We need one in order to balance the other.
If not for the poor we would not appreciate the rich.
If not for the sick we would not appreciate the healthy. 

When two opposites are contrasted, they both have the same value.

If not for the hunger, we would not recognize the abundance in our life. Then they both have an equal value. Right?

If the contrast of pain and suffering helps us appreciate the joys of life, then pain and joy are of the same value.

Different emotions. Positive and negative. Both helping us appreciate the good in our life.

Think about it, it is a deep thought. 

Allow the negative to affect you in a positive way. 
Realize your struggles in order to recognize your joys!

When you reach that level, you will recognize all the good in your life.
When you reach that level, you will thank God during a crisis.