The richest man in Babylon #3

Another great point from the Richest Man in Babylon.

I’ve also heard this from David Ekstein the founder of the famous Brooklyn Financial Group

It was like 20 years ago, he said to me:, Lou, ”it’s amazing what you can accomplish with a few million dollars in the bank”.

And in the book, he says it like this, when there’s a big purse, how you feel differently when you have financial security.

And all the psychologists know this when there’s financial insecurity, a lot of issues coming up.

Unfortunately, it’s true for many of us.

Because to have that level of faith, that I’m taken care of even if I don’t have a penny saved, takes a lot of work, most of us are not there, unfortunately.

So when you do have that cushion, suddenly there’s a lightness in your heart.

The confidence in your heart, in your mind, in your work, in your #showing up to the customers.

You talk like a secured person, it’s a different world, and I can tell you on that with so much certainty because I’m talking from experience.

Start putting away money, 10%, 10%, set up an account now.

And watch what happens.

To your success my friend, to your tremendous great success!