The risk of doing nothing

Can you imagine traveling across the world in under 30 minutes?

Peter Diamandis of XPrize Foundation is working towards getting us there. (XPrize is an organization that puts a “prize” for the person who will come up with specific inventions — like a civilian rocket that can travel through orbit and get us across the world in about 30 minutes.)

XPrize is constantly looking at the future, how will it look in 20-30 years? What will humanity need then? What type of technology will there be?

One of their many advancements is in the field of virtual reality. VR requires no travel but gives the ‘visitor’ an even better up-close view than in real life.

Who was one of the main investors to invest $10M into virtual reality travel? None other than an airline company.

The airline company looked ahead. They know that VR travel is the future and they don’t want to miss out when that happens.

We also need to look into the future.

What do you see?

There are scientists and inventors actively trying to figure out how to automate many things, which will inevitably also automate many jobs.

We always need to think ahead. What are the potential technologies that will make your business model obsolete?

Therefore, my friend, how are you working ahead so the technology will not eliminate your business and your job?

What type of jobs do you think will be obsolete in the next 5-10 years?