The rule of thirds


When a prospect says “maybe”, there is potential it should go in the direction of a “yes” or a “no”.

“I need to think about it.”
“I’ll call you when I need this.”
“Let me take your card.”

All these answers just push off the “yes”.

We need to move the Maybes to become Yeses.

We need to show up and ask confidently in order to get that Yes.

As you gain skills in prospecting and sales, you have more chances to turn the Maybes into Yeses.

Every Maybe should not automatically become a No in your mind, that means running away with fear because you think it’s a No.

It all starts with having the right message. Coming in confidently and asking for the sale.

Everyone in sales has to ask.
If you ask, you will inevitably have objections.

But, objections are NOT rejections!

Ask boldly. Ask assertively. Ask wisely.

Then you will start the step of converting the Maybes in the Yeses.

In the first place you need to be strong enough that a Maybe does not mean a No!

A Maybe can very well turn into a Yes!

That, my friend, I wish for you:
Many, many Yeses only!

Credit to Jeb Blount.