The small box number

Top producers are making calls every single day!

They call contacts on their birthdays.

They make annual check-up calls.

They call to give in process updates.

They call pre-qualified prospects, retailers, and referral partners.

Being a top producer is not easy.

If it was, everyone would do it.

But while it may be difficult to execute, It’s not complicated to understand.

It’s all about closing more deals, by getting more referrals, by forming stronger relationships.

Making phone calls and building trust.

So coming back to the small box number.

What is your small box number?

I’m always telling my LO’s, we are mortgage advisors.

What does that mean?

We have a responsibility to our clients.

We get them into their homes, we helped them finance and realize their dreams.

Know your responsibility and approach it that way.

A mortgage advisor is a trusted advisor.

Live up to your responsibility on a human level.

Alright my friend, keep it up.

Keep up your great work.

It’s a great industry, a great time with these rates to be in this industry, with a great company.

Yes, it’s harder now.

But, loans are happening.

Both purchases and Refinances.

Keep your heads up, keep smiling, move forward. 54321!

Just keep moving forward.