The Trusted Advisor

Why should they trust you?

Every salesperson has to look deep inside.

What am I good at?

What’re my strengths?

Like Jim Collins talk about in “Good To Great” there’s that thing that you are passionate about.

The thing you could become the best person in the world at it, that’s the thing you should make a good profit from.

One of my strongest models is:

A Forward Moving Positive Force!

That’s me.

A forward-moving positive force.

A successful salesperson in any industry is a trusted advisor.

In today’s day and age people out there have enough information on everything.

Warren Greshes explained it best in his amazing book ”The Best Damn Sales Book Ever”

There’s enough information on the internet – they don’t come to you for information, they come to you because you care and they trust you.

They want a trusted advisor – the human touch they want on their side.

And that’s why they come to you for.

So what is it?

That you could become that forward-moving positive force.

In which area?

And what kind of business…

what role?

How do you see yourself?