The victim

I helped a stranger save $115.00

As I was sitting in my car recording my daily podcast, I noticed a “ticket issuing city employee” – I don’t even know why they call them “cops” – walk over to a min-van that was parked at a pump. (Brooklyn, with no parking).

When I saw this, I figured why don’t I help save a fellow friend (although an unknown one) the heartache of a parking ticket and potentially be towed away as well?

I quickly ran out of my car and yelled, “Hey, excuse me, excuse me, just a moment there…!”, and then proceeded to sit into that car.

Had the traffic employee asked me to “start the car”… I may have been called on my bluff. I’m glad she didn’t ask.
I remember thinking, “worse case scenario I won’t accomplish the ticket-save… they can’t arrest me for this..”

I’m glad she assumed that I was the driver of that car, and left without issuing a ticket. 

I just wanted to share this story with you.

Because, instead of complaining and bashing the city, the police, parking tickets and the very difficult parking situation in Brooklyn, the best way is just to ask the QBQ:

  • What can I do?
  • How can I help?