There is no magic bullet


Top secret for success is in here


Guess what?!!

There is NO magic bullet!

We’re always searching for the next trick or new gimmick to make a quick buck.

We don’t need new ideas!

We just need to know the basics. And then repeat your strategy again and again!

As we grow in our business or personal lives, we face new challenges and obstacles. 

The monkey mind thinks of new reasons and excuses why to give up and stop doing the basics.

You need to stay strong and committed with persistency in order to reach the Compound Effect.  

This is not a new trick.

The same old blocking time.
The same old green time.
The same old picking up the phone.

Keep at it every day. 

Don’t let a customer wait for tomorrow!

No one should be waiting for you!

There’s a customer on the other end of the line. It’s a family waiting for you. Their livelihood.  

Don’t let them wait and lose their serenity. 

No one should be waiting for you.

That’s a win-win situation. 

You both live at peace and serenity. 
(Plus you benefit from the sale, of course!)