There’s always more to learn

I read a beautiful thought in the book “Principles” by Ray Dalio.

#Life is all about learning and improving as we go along.
Learning and tweaking the systems that we have.

It’s never the end of the game. We never finish #learning. 
We need to learn and improve continuously. 

Some might ask: “What? I need to learn even more? I’ll see my mistakes. I can’t handle it.”

Take an inner look. 
Why are you a better person today, than 5 years ago? 
How much knowledge do you have now, that you were unaware of 10 years ago.
How much more are you accomplishing now, than 20 years ago?

Never stop learning.
Always keep on improving.
You don’t want to stay at the same level for the next 20 years.

#Learn. Tweak. #Enhance. Modify. Expand. #Perfect.
Be on top of your game to become a better you.

Which new knowledge did you acquire recently?