There’s No Quality Without Quantity + “Chatting Is A Bonus”

Business is all about building relationships.

Which begs the million-dollar question: HOW do you build the relationship, to begin with?

What do you do?
Where do you start?
What do you say?

Both introverts and extroverts wonder how to develop a relationship.

The truth is, that building a deep meaningful relationship only comes with time.

There is no quality without quantity.

Step number one:
All you need to do is call and call and call and call!

As Warren Greshes says, “Never stop calling. Only stop calling when they start buying, or when they have a restraining order against you!”

Step number two:
Prepare a script that you say to each prospect.

Something like this:
“Hi! I know your busy. I see your work out there and it’s great. If I can work only with guys like you would be amazing. I sell ABC and can deliver in X amount of days. Let me be your first second option. I’m here for you when you need ABC.”

Step number three:
Keep the call short and sweet. Stay focused on how you can help them. Keep it short, just two minutes is enough for that first phone call.

“Who can I help in your business?”
“Who are you doing business with that needs the kind of support that I can help you with?”

The initial calls do not need to be personal. You don’t need any questions like “How’s the family?” or “How’s the weather?”.

Just keep it short and sweet. “You’re busy, I am busy, how can I help you?”

Chatting is a bonus. Chatting on the first few calls doesn’t mean building a relationship.

Eventually, this call can lead to more calls which can lead to meaningful relationships.

Because there is no quality without quantity!