Tips for loan officers #2

Do you know when you’re ready for the next level of success?

When you are ready to push yourself further!

There is friction wherever growth exists.

Because, when something is easy you don’t think much about it.

If five phone calls per day is easy for you to handle, and you just keep on doing that, then there will be no growth.

It’s fine if you’re happy with that. Nobody says it has to be hard work.

But that also means no growth.

If you want to grow, you need to stretch your comfort zone.

“A constant pleasure is no pleasure anymore!” — Baal Shem Tov.

You start appreciating what you have, only when you don’t have it anymore.

In order to have more, you need to do more or different.

A little push. A little stretch. Consistently. 

When that becomes easy. You do the next stretch. And the next stretch. 

That is how growth occurs!

There are people who don’t want to wait around for little-by-little stretching.

They just jump! and learn how to parachute on the way down.

Both ways have their merits. It depends on the courage and the nature of the person.

Set your goal and find the right way to reach it!