Tips for loan officers starting out

If you are a loan officer starting out in the mortgage field, my number one advice to you is:

set the right expectations from the start.

Being a loan officer is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, with a $5k income on Week One.

In fact, when I coach new loan officers I tell them that the first year in the mortgage industry will be their hardest 12 months of their business life!

It takes a lot of effort for a new loan officer to acquire and learn:

Mortgage knowledge

Sales skills

Mortgage sales process

All this doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right effort and focus you CAN succeed very nicely in this business!

As I always say: “There is no quality without quantity!”

There is no success with only half a focus. Loan officers need to be in it all the way!

At first you will start small.

Because this is a long-term play!

Ask yourself. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

Set your goals.

You can accomplish almost anything if you put your mind and effort to it!

With the right work ethic you can become a successful loan officer with $100k+ income per year.