Top producers have one thing in common

Top producers have one thing in common.

They have a consistent daily activity.

So this loan officer, extremely successful, he’s doing like 34 loans a month.

Here’s the daily activity that this guy does…

He works Monday through Thursday.

From 9-12 he does his prospecting – after 12 he does meetings.

He only deals with the origination part and his partner does the processing and filing.

Well, listen to what he does from 9-12 every single day.

He sends out 100 text messages to his realtors, which are tracked in a CRM

He has by now already over 1600 realtors In his contacts, and that is how he gets business, he keeps in contact with them consistently.

And he says, today, for example, out of the 100 text messages, he got 3 leads and 4 unsubscribes.

Yes, he is also getting unsubscribes, and therefore? he gonna stop doing it???

Of course not!! he also got 3 leads.

What is your daily activity in prospecting, how does your daily activity look like?

Ok, he has 1600 and you have only 30, how about building it up to 50 then to a hundred than to 200?

Whether its Facebook, LinkedIn, Text, or Whatsapp whichever way you do it…

Do it consistently…