I am extremely proud of our team!

This is the way we roll at the Mint Capital. 

20 of our talented loan officers traveled to UWM, the Nation’s largest wholesale lender.

Wow! The culture there is just impressive.

We had amazing training and fantastic sales meetings.

Always learning from the best in the industry and continuously working to improve ourselves.

It’s just getting better and better.

We are grinding it and sprinting ahead.

Looking forward to a smashing and successful 2022!

Let’s do this, my friend!

Special shoutout to our talented team:
Chaim Tarkieltaub
Benjamin Hirsch
Zishe Miller
Mendy Rosen
Moshe Landau
Sion Semah
Usher Ringel
Amrom Jancovits
Yanky Gobioff
Zindy Fish
Chesky Berger
Sam Stern
Ari Lichtman
Abraham Itzkowitz
Rafi Grinberger
Shlomy Kornfeld
Yanky Leichter
Yeruchim Stienmetz
Yossi Reichman

Extra special thank you to Mat Ishbia and Freddie Hurmoz for everything! I have no words.