Use me!

Use me!

Yes, use me – I like that word.

I first heard it from Oprah Winfrey, in case you don’t know who that is, she’s the first African American female to become a billionaire.

(I have a weak spot for self-made billionaires, I just can’t help it😉)

As a young child, she went through hell – she says that this was her prayer to God – use me!

And that’s a good way to approach the world.

Mr. customer, Mr. referral, partner – I love my job, I love numbers, I love mortgages – Use me!

I’m here at your service.

And that’s a mindset.

A shift in mentality and feeling in the way you show up.

And you come up with new enthusiasm.

It’s not about somebody rejecting you

It’s not about call reluctance.

It’s not about your ego.

If somebody rejects you then – tough luck for them.

They didn’t earn the right or deserve to get your service

Your service level and commitment and loyalty that you give to everyone

Do you get it?

That’s a shift in your mind which ends up being a shift into your enthusiasm

A shift in a way you show up and you approach and you make your phone calls.

And you show up with the enthusiasm on the phone and in your meetings

Yes, I am a channel.

Use me!