Value ideas over politics

Leave Your Ego At The Door! 
Ray Dalio, hedge fund manager, wrote a fascinating book called “Principles”.
The key element of it is that everyone should evaluate each other.
Whether they’re sitting in meetings or at any other time, people rate their coworkers 1-5 while sharing why they gave them that number.
Everyone feels comfortable sharing, simply because it has nothing to do with the person. It’s about their ideas.
There’s no emotional attachment.
In the book “Start-up Nation” it’s taken a stage further.
The Israeli army is so advanced in its technology expansion. That’s because after an operation – they do a debriefing. 
Not only can Israeli soldiers criticize their peers, but even their superiors.
The lowest rank could critique and challenge the highest rank. 
The question should never be, “Who said it?” but only, “Will it help us succeed?”
Create cultures that encourage input and sharing.
Let’s benefit from the experience and wisdom of ALL people. 
“It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t mind who takes the credit for it.” -Winston Churchill
Have you had experiences working at a company that encourages idea sharing?