I was listening to “Veitug” a beautiful song by Motty Ilowitz.

It’s a song of hope; that although you have a Veitug (pain), you should know that Ein Tug (one day) you will realize that you grew from the pain.

All the pain helps you grow and become who you are.

This is one way of dealing with pain, by thinking that one day it will pass.

The other way of dealing with pain is looking inward.
Where is the problem coming from?

Look into yourself and see the pain of 

You want what you don’t have; you don’t want what you have.

These are the root causes of all human suffering.

Remember, this too shall pass!

To think while you go through the pain, to remember that one day it will be a gain, that’s already a higher level.

It’s true that what pains us, makes us.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional!” — Dalai Lama

When we go through a painful time, if we keep strong no matter how painful it is; eventually it makes us stronger and better.

There is a famous Biblical saying, “The same way we bless and thank God for the good; we should bless and thank God for the bad as well.”

The same way we see the ‘good’ in good. We should also think that the ‘bad’ can also be good. We only realize later on how the bad was really good.

When you would ask a mature person why he has the ability of being calm, he might tell you that he had a few years of terrible pain and that helped him reach this level of calm.

When you are able to look at yourself and all your good traits and look at it from an angle of: “Oh because I went through these rough times, I was able to reach this level of character that I have attained now…”

It’s the moment you realize that the strengths from today came from the suffering of yesterday!
You then see the good within the pain.

That’s when it will be clear that just like we need to thank for the good, we need to thank for the bad.

May we know of no more pain! Amen.