We are not perfect!

We are not perfect!

We can never be perfect!

And it will never be perfect!

The best systems in the world are never 100% perfect.

On the outside, it may look functional and #great.

But when you sit into the meetings, do you think that those companies are not dealing with issues?


Of course, they are…

I hereby officially acknowledge that till the last day of my life – I will not be perfect.

I used to call it proudly imperfect.

As long as the person feels that they are relatively perfect, they are busy defending themselves whenever there is a slight or potential criticism.

And becoming all emotionally excited about how the other person is wrong and I am right – because I am being relatively “perfect”.

Therefore, my friend, It’s an important awareness that you should have if your working on your personal development.

And a salesperson – you are!

To acknowledge that you are not and you can never be 100% perfect.

So stop trying to be perfect, no one is!

How does this relate to sales?

Your list
Your software
Your offers
Your script
Your time of calls
Your suit

Nothing will ever be 100% perfect.

“Perfection is the enemy of good.”

As I always say, be functional first!