What is real?

“BS yourself to functionality. Lie, cheat and steal yourself to positivity!”
— Lou Landau

Only allow yourself to be affected by positivity. Anything that will affect you in a negative way, is NOT allowed! 

It’s the only way, my friend. The only way.

Yeah, you might think it’s not really real.

But it is not any LESS real than negativity. 

So, what IS real? 

Whatever gives you peace at heart.
Makes you calm, functional and positive. 

Be a human BEing – not a human DOing!

A human BEing.

Just BE!

Let God do His thing. 

Let nature do its thing. 

Stop interfering and worrying so much! 

When you’re motivated, you have ambition with passion. 

You have different energies, different passions, being unique in your own way.

God expresses himself through humans. Right?

In every unique human there are different passions for different things. 

Go with the flow. Be driven by your passions and ambitions. 

Not with peer pressure or anxiety. 

But with passion!

Make it a great day ahead!

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