When will other walk their talk?

The easiest thing to spot is gaps of integrity in others. 

The definition of integrity is this: Being what I say I am by acting in accordance with my words. —#QBQ

In the role of a parent, a friend, a manager or an employee, we all have our weaknesses that we should correct in accordance with integrity.

Search within yourself, my friend, what are your values? 

Are you living with integrity?

How can you become better than yesterday?

A friend shared a deep thought by Dan Sullivan.

Confidence is what you have, because you have done it. You cannot have confidence in something you haven’t done. You CAN have courage to try it. 

Taking that first step takes courage. 

Call upon your inner energy to gather the courage.

We were all created with inner strength.

We might have faults, but ultimately we have a little of everything in ourselves. 

Gather the courage. 

But, don’t get disCOURAGEd!

With integrity.

Make it a great day ahead!

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